Community Bible Chapel

Our Worship Service

The Purpose of the Worship Meeting

The Breaking of Bread service is a special time for believers to honor the Lord Jesus Christ and to worship God. It appears to have been the central meeting of the early church, and so it is with us.

As led by God the Holy Spirit, it is our time to be occupied with wonder and adoration for God the Son and God the Father.

Our primary purpose and desire is to worship the Lord together and to enjoy our time of fellowship with Him as we fulfill His desire that we remember Him.  Psalm 9:1-2Psalm 96:9Luk 22:19


Who Should Participate?

Visitors and friend who have put their faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ who are living in fellowship with Him are heartily encouraged to join us in worshiping and in partaking of the bread and cup. We hope that you sense God’s presence and that you are able to truly worship Him.

Those who are not yet believers are also welcome and are asked to abstain from taking the communion elements. We are glad you are with us and we would be happy to have you talk to us after the service about any questions concerning our beliefs and practices or about any other concerns or prayer requests.

Participation in breaking the bread and drinking the cup is only for believers, namely those who have entered into a personal relationship with Christ and who are walking in fellowship with Him.  1 Cor 11:27-28


Who Runs the Meeting?

The men are to lead in the worship service. Men and women are one in Christ and are equal in His sight. We obey the scriptures that govern order in the church, including the command that the women are not to teach or exercise authority over the men in the church, but are to remain silent.

We interpret this to mean that only the men, as prompted by the Holy Spirit, are to lead in prayer, propose a hymn, publicly read and explain scripture, or share publicly during this meeting. There are no pre-appointed speakers.


The Activities of our Worship Service in Order

1. Personal preparation before the service
2. Open worship together
3. The breaking of bread
4. The giving of offerings
5. An opportunity for one or two brothers to address the assembly
6. Announcements
7. A break for fellowship and refreshments